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Bodegas Manzanos 1961

62 Years of Spanish Wine History - don't miss out on the probably oldest and most heavily aged bottle of wine you will be able to taste with us at The Station 100!

How can a 62-year-old wine still be perfect for consumption in 2023?!

Simple, well actually not so simple, otherwise, there would be countless others!

Bodegas Manzanos is a Spanish Wine Estate, now ran by the 5th generation of said family. An old cache of wine bottles was accidentally found deep down in the cellars of Bodegas Manzaons. Upon trying the first bottle, the winemakers decided to bring it back to live. Originally, this wine was aged in French Oak for 3 years in the 1960's and have been in the original bottles for decades. 600 bottles were recovered in 2020. Due to its age, all bottles were opened and inspected, only 400 bottles have survived this impressive passing of time. The 400 bottles were poured back into a secure wine vat, where they were yet blended back together, before being re-bottled, re-corked and relabeled in 2020.

Can you imagine and remember how long ago 1961 was and all the things that have happened since? Maybe this fine bottle of wine will take you back decades and into the past century.

Bodegas Manzanos was initially labeled as "Vino Tinto" - simply Spanish Red Wine, today considered Rioja, a designation which was not much recognized internationally in 1961. A blend of Tempranillo and Grenache, each grape hand-harvested, as machines and automatizations were not even available back then. Original descriptions for this wine were mentioned as a rather lighter red wine, and not as desired so many decades ago, a potential reason why this wine simply got left behind in the cellars.

But over time, this wine developed, getting more and more powerful, strong and full bodied. Today, muscular, dense and structured. Dark cherry tones, balsamic, coffee, vanilla, licorice, plum, as well as intense bursts of red fruit and red berries. Elegant & silky tannins, tobacco and forest floor, spices, cocoa and dried fruit.

Taste a bottle of history with us - only 11 bottles available

To celebrate our Wine of the Month, you can now enjoy and savor this very special bottle of wine with at 15% discount with a truly memorable dinner at The Station 100!

Visit our Online Wine Store and purchase a bottle for your own collection! (this wine is expected to be in its peak maturity until 2026) - Only $99.99 Retail!!

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