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Guidalberto, Tenuta San Guido - 2006

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Guidalberto, the little brother of what is generally regarded as the most iconic, most famous and most want-to-have wine of Italy - The Legendary Super Tuscan Sassicaia. San Guido released the first vintage of Guidalberto, the second wine of Sassicaia, in 2000. Only 150,000 bottles are produced per year, made up out of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. It shares its appelation, Bolgheri I.G.T., Tuscany, with most other renowned Super Tuscans.

The 2006 vintage stood out from all other vintages produced in the first decade of its existence. The 2006 vintage, of which we still have 5 bottles in our cellar (as of today), is the only vintage still drinkable from that first decade (it will still be good for approximately 1 - 2 years). This is an aging potential of 16 years, a great indicator of how good the wine really is compared to other years. Still today, there has not been another vintage with an agining potential of that lenght, not even the incredibly great Tuscan year of 2016 (13 year anticipation). There are however rumors that Guidalberto had yet again an incredible year in 2019, with supposedly a life of up to 15 years, still not as much as the 2006 vintage.

This Super Tuscan, Guidalberto, is from Bolgheri, a tiny village in western Tuscany (smaller than 1/30 of Frankenmuth, with a population of only 150), the village from where many of the big name Super Tuscans come from, such as Ornellaia, Masseto, Gaja Camarcanda, of course Sassicaia many more.

Limestone as well as rocky and soil rich in clay give great, intense red fruit flavour and elegant supple texture, supported by ripe and silky tannins. Aromas of sweet black fruit and ripe, concentrated berries. A lot of rain early in the harvest season slowed down the harvest process, allowing the grapes to ripen a few extra days until later harvest during warmer weather. The 2006 Guidalberto had a 15-day steel tank maceration. A period where the crushed grapes fermented, sinks and seeds together with the grape juice. Later the wine got to sit in French oak barrels for 12 months, followed by 3 years of bottle aging before release. Our dine-in price - $130, Retail - $104 - only 5 bottles available as of April 20th 2021 Click here to purchase the 2006 Guidalberto

And here for the 2016 Guidalberto

Stay tuned for a more detailed background story of Guidalbert's Big Brother Sassicaia in the comming days. Along with the story of Sassicaia, we will give you a significant discount for Sassicaia in the month of May, 2021!

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