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Riesling Tasting - Schieferkopf

New week New wine tasting

This week we compared the well-known Dr. L Riesling, which has been on our menu for years, with our newest wine

on the menu - Schieferkopf Riesling The results quite surprised us, well, rather the difference in comparison. Not Riesling drinkers at all ourselves, the findings grabbed our attention even stronger.

The Dr. L, as expected, not much to be impressed about. Extremely pale, almost water in color, with little to no complexity, sure some fruit flavors, but over all, just sweet and watery grape juice, what you would expect from an inexpensive wine with only 5% ABV.

Moving on to our new Riesling, Schieferkopf. Right as we poured, we knew this was not just another wine to "drink to drink". Amber almost gold in color, a glowing glass of goodness.

Complexity right off the first sniff, honey, caramel, fruit, some minerality, and even hints of gasoline (a common trait in higher quality Riesling). The first sip - complex and bold, especially for a Riesling. Some residual sugar, a hint of sweetness, but really not all that sweet, just nice. High ABV (12%) and the sugar present beautifully balances the very high acidity, very harmonious, nothing missing, not too much of anything. A surprisingly long finishing for a Riesling really rounds up this wine - a surprisingly pleasant and fun experience, highly recommended. A quality wine for good value.

Dine In - $42, Retail $33

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