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Un Jour de 1911 - by Andre Clouet

A story originated in Bouzy, Champagne.

A day in 1911... The long forgotten treasure hidden in straw.

Andre Clouet's prestigious cuvee, "Un jour de 1911..." dates back to, you guessed it, 1911. While the actual history of this wine does not date back quite that, it is more of a tribute and a memory of that glory Golden Age of France.

The idea started when just a few unknown bottles were found on the estate, somewhere in a small cellar, aging without anyone knowing of their existence, in a small wooden crate, wrapped in straw and a golden foil. It was really quite a coincidence and a healthy amount of luck that these bottles were found in the first place. After unwrapping the bottles, the wine makers of Andre Clouet realized that these bottles have been laying in this box and straw, aging away for more than 80 years!

But it was when these ancient bottles were tasted when the real nostalgia hit. This wine, especially for the producer carries a lot of sentimentality, memories of long gone families and happy times of the dazzling early yeas of the 1900s.

Bouzy, Champagne

This is when Andre Clouet decided to dedicate a new cuvee, Un jour de 1911... to these recovered bottles and a different time age, resembling and recreating this experience for generations to come. Just like the long hidden bottles, also the 1911 will bring absolutely incredible aging potential. As there will be decade long aging, bottles must be protected, and as a tribute, carefully wrapped in a golden foil and straw, comfortably laying in a safe and sturdy wooden crate. Each packaging is painstakingly applied by hand, with as much care as the one that went into the wine. The label itself resembles the Golden Age of France, in a Belle Époque graphic design, transporting back into a time of French prosperity, optimism and creative freedom, when the arts began to flourish.

While possessing utmost quality, Un jour de 1911 is an extremely limited production, making it likely one of the rarest Champagnes world wide. Every year, only 1911 bottles are produced and eventually released into the global market, few making it to North America. With that said, we are quite happy to have several cases ourselves in our cellars at The Station 100.

A labeled Non-Vintage champagne (meaning the base wine / grapes come from different years). Around each bottle and straw wrapping, a removable label, that folds open into a small booklet will tell more information about each specific bottle. This booklet will not only tell you the bottle number, but also the grape composition of each bottle and what year its grapes were grown and harvested. One minimum - all base wines have to be oaked for a minimum of 8 years! The composition of grapes in our cuvees are to 50% from 1996, 25% from 1995 and 25% from 1997, making this champagne 25 years old! All grapes are entirely from Grand Cru Classe classified land.

Andre Clouet Un jour de 1911 is a Blanc de Noir Champagne, meaning that it contains 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Fermentation is taking place between 16C and 18C, 10 meters (33 feet) under ground for 6 years. Located in Bouzy, on the hills between Reims and Epernay, in the Champagne A.O.C. sub region of Grande Montagne de Reims, which is known for their Pinot Noir Grand Cru. The complexity and intensity reminds to other top cuvees, such as Perrier Jouet Belle Époque or Cristal, at half the price, making it absolute top value at highest quality.

Bouzy, Champagne

Floral nuances and hints of white fruit evoke on the nose. The long aging brings a lot of girth to this very special cuvee, a lot more power, complexity and intensity than most champagnes. tons of mature aromas of dried and candied fruit, especially orange and apricot. Minerality surely does not come short on this wine, in beautiful harmony with the complex brioche structure. I personally have rarely ever tasted a Champagne with a finish as long and complex as the 1911 gives, the development of flavors do not stop, it continues to evolve more and more. Only the top 10% of their Grand Cru classified grapes (with are some of the best Pinot Noir grapes in all of Champagne) are used for this wine, and it shows! Its fine-foamy texture feels like velvet on every sip, a sign of great a perfect aging process. Peach and rose, with concentrated spice and citrus peel - a truly rich texture

While a new lover of Champagne will be taken on a roller coaster of emotions and experiences with this very complex and powerful wine, though a more experienced and advanced appreciator of Champagne will be in for nothing less than an absolute treat!

- Cheers, Elia

The maker of Andre Clouet, 1911 - Jean-Francois Clouet

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